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My New iPencil ~ Love and Adventure

OK…I was scanning Instagram and came across a video of art on an iPad. I was in love! I texted my super techy stepson and found that I was witnessing an iPencil in action. Got out my credit card and had my pen by Friday! Now to figure out how to show you what I’m doing with this totally messed up pandemic.

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March Dolls

Circuitousjourney is the Rockstar @ A Doll Pattern A Month Circle the closed Facebook doll making group. If interested see


Staying home is not a problem for me. I am lucky to live in a place where almost everything is available to me either delivered or through curbside pick-up. Aside from the obvious worrying about family, friends, and our futures, I continue to do what I usually do. Pets, birds, food, and most recently, dollmaking, keep me busy.

My granddaughter created a Picasso/Cubist inspired portrait in her art class. She is in first grade, and really enjoys the creative processes. She comes by it naturally, as her father, our son, is an art teacher/ freelance animator. Both my husband and I are retired art teachers. Her aunt, our daughter, is a music teacher (orchestra) with a multitude of arts and crafts abilities. Her great- aunt is also a retired art teacher. Both my parents, her great-grandparents were capable artists, although self taught.

I realize that the lesson that inspired this…

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Happy April

Rainy April

It is April 3rd. I have a metal roof in my back room…which is really like my own sort of cabin. Actually it is the room that everyone enters and exits the house by but it feels like a cabin to me. It’s about 12X20…a perfect cabin size. When I’m home alone I feel like I’m in a beautiful nature setting. Today however it is raining and it has the early spring chill. The best thing is the rain on the metal roof. It’s beautiful…like a lullaby.

Before the leaves come out I can see one of the New York State finger lakes from where I’m sitting. I love nature and to be able to see this grand lake even just slightly makes my heart glad. Rain, the lake, the daffodils, spring…I’m happy and happiness, health and safety to you!

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Week 2 in Retired Life….So busy I forgot I was retired. I think I forgot because I was so loving what I was doing and that would be making my pattern for my doll pattern a month circle … … you can check it out at that URL Retirement is really a strange condition and to make it even stranger there’s nothing retiring about it! See my friend Hannie Mummers’ Facebook interviews on Age With Care. So exciting to hear seniors with wisdom talk about how exciting their lives have come as they each age with care.

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Stay At Home (Don’t Do This)

Stay At Home (Don’t Do This)
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About 1956 my Aunt Sally lived in Seagate, NY…a gated community next to Coney Island. There was a huge chain link fence between Seagate and Coney Island. Our beach was virtually empty but Coney Island looked exactly like these photos! It was truly amazing! With the pandemic I can’t imagine how we all made it to the 60’s!

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Night and Daylight

This whole thing with Corvid-19 is so wild. My last day of work was a normal regular work day except that it was my very last day after working at the same company for just shy of 27 years. The next day my husband and I went on a 4 day vacation to visit relatives for a family reunion. By the time we came home the world had tipped off its axis and by the time we woke up in our own bed it had flipped completely upside down. The world not our bed! What a way to start retirement!

I’m voluntarily quarantining myself.  I feel great and only have a few more days to go but man am I glad I have been building my art, coaching and health and wellness businesses on line! Wishing all of you health and well-being during this strange time.

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Just Recently Retired

Yes it is my 5th day of retired life! I was going to set up a new blog but since I love Art and Motels I figured why not stay with this one. I love how it looks 🙂 also If you don’t know my Life Coaching FB Page here’s the link for that!
I will be jumping on line a lot more in the coming days and that is where I usually show up! So my Facebook Life Coaching Page here … see you soon!