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March 13th



Mixed Media Artist, Doll Maker, Strategic Interventionist Life Coach, Blogger, Author, Cyber Motel Front Desk Clerk!

5 thoughts on “March 13th

  1. I’m actually wearing socks like these today only not thigh-highs! What a face!
    Wish the clouds following me around were a little more like these! Is she a
    petulant scamp or is she just disgruntled and trying to cheer herself up with
    what she’s chosen to wear for the day? (Don’t you love your viewers interpreting
    your art?!) Hey, when it leaves your hands…you never know what we make of it.
    I am so impressed with your constancy, Loretta. What an inspiration you are!


    1. Thanks so much Cly! This girl does have her own zip code!!! Definitely petulant! The original piece was created with pastel which is a little heavier medium than I usually thicker lines etc. but I do like the effect.


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