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May 1st YAY!!!

Totally Digital Image with a Wacom Pen and The Gimp Program. I’m adding another version because I did a slight blur feature on the above and want to show it without that feature also.

And I’m loving the Wacom Pen! Also I like the sharpness of the second but the shadowing in the top one…Top was the final image. Lots of practice needed! Thanks for checking out my blog and hanging in with me, bloggers! PS Feel free to give feedback. It is really always welcome!



Mixed Media Artist, Doll Maker, Strategic Interventionist Life Coach, Blogger, Author, Cyber Motel Front Desk Clerk!

4 thoughts on “May 1st YAY!!!

  1. I like the heavy line and off-line placement of color; the color is saturated, impasto-like, thick, child boldness. There’s a sophistication in this directness, Loretta, that always blows me away. Your touches are so yours. Like the wobbly writing out of picture and the feeling that all this is framed but about to burst at the seams, literally filling the picture, up close but with sky surrounding this chick. Really nice. Like it lots.


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