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The Headache Dolls Blog


Hi All…I’m announcing my new blog The Headache Dolls Blog @

I liked the last paper doll so much (and my husband said it should be the name of a band) that I decided it needed it’s own blog.

Something about the name is really getting to me and I wanted you all to know it was happening. It will be devoted to Collage “Paper Dolls” with an attitude…at least that is what

I’m thinking about from here. I know it will most likely morph into something different because that’s how all my blogs seem to go. I hope you will check in on my dolls over at my new blog.

Meanwhile I will def. be posting here…because… I HEART The Art Motel. Have a great Spring day. It’s beautiful in my neighborhood!

PS…Some Collage Paper Dolls that may appear there will be the two Bottle Girls above.



Mixed Media Artist, Doll Maker, Strategic Interventionist Life Coach, Blogger, Author, Cyber Motel Front Desk Clerk!

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