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Minga Christmas 2013

Minga Christmas 2013

I want to thank my mother Mary Griffin Hughes-Hughes for being an amazing role model to my sister, brother and me. She might not look like a TOWER OF STRENGTH in this photo but behind this little body is the life of a mighty woman. Born Sept. 15th 1918. Her story is amazing. So many twists and turns…including her two unrelated husbands, Robert and Joseph Hughes. Sadly widowed from both. My mother is a survivor. My Grandma was , too! How to thank my mother…too big for words on a blog…more about the life that I live. Also thanks to Eve Neuhaus for her post “beginning with thanks” on her blog @ which inspired me to post “Thank You Notes” on my Art Motel Blog this year…so for me 2014 is The Year Of Living Gratefully!



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