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Gratitude For 2014

In my year of living gratefully I did not really write much. However, I am so grateful for all the magnificent changes in my life. I LOVE my new Arbonne Business and my Arbonne Business has enabled us to move to our new fantastic house near Myers Point in Lansing. I’m grateful that I can see Cayuga Lake everyday from home (in the winter). I’m grateful for my husbands new direction in cooking. I am grateful for all the new and wonderful friends I have had the pleasure of meeting. I’m grateful for my job at GreenStar which feels more like a family business than an outside job. I’m grateful for The Art Show…Birds Of A Feather with one of my favorite people in the world, Jane George. In my year of living gratefully so many life changes and blessings have occurred that I didn’t want to let them fly by with out being grateful on my Year of Living With Gratitude blog page!



Mixed Media Artist, Doll Maker, Strategic Interventionist Life Coach, Blogger, Author, Cyber Motel Front Desk Clerk!

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