2016 The Biggest Year Yet!

The Biggest Year Yet has the smallest picture. This is NOT right! Well, when I previewed it the Biggest Year’s picture was actually full size. In The Biggest Year Yet be prepared to find a lot more posts than previously written. I love blogging and will now be blogging a whole lot more because…You know that book, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert? Well I was reading it, she was talking about the Magic of her new friend Ann Patchett and how they discovered they were actually writing the same story…miles and years apart from each other. Elizabeth is showing us that this is how Big Magic works. I thought…wait a minute…Ann Patchett was the author of the other book I got on the same day I got Big Magic. AND the day after that discovery a friend who liked my hand spun, knitted (by me) hat, told me she was going to drop teaching and become a full time writer.


I decided that I would start writing and see what happens. Ann Patchett’s stories are so intense…because she is writing so honestly about her intense creative life. Elizabeth Gilbert is more easily relate-able for me…yeah…because she’s from New Jersey, OK? But I feel linked to Elizabeth and Ann by the big stuff even tho they don’t know it. Maybe they are looking for a motel room in the Finger Lakes…who knows.


This picture is part of my blog post today because it is the image of the very first story I wrote in the first writing group I joined. The story was about this half light under the Third Avenue EL. It also smelled like shoe polish.

2 thoughts on “2016 The Biggest Year Yet!

  1. What?!! Did I miss this groundbreaking and promising post by you? Once again, serendipity is smiling! Those light patterns under your EL harken to my fav photos I took in a train station in Paris, and window patterns in a museum in The Hague, and the Belgian trainmaster at the station. I keep saying I am going to paint them. Or perhaps a lino cut….Should this be the year?


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