Hello, I am Loretta Louviere, Mixed Media Artist and Night Clerk at my Cyber Motel.

Loretta Louviere

OK…Vision Two Bigger Vision in 2015

The Art Motel Of The Finger Lakes has a ballroom, 18 rooms and 2 suites, a spa, meeting rooms, a sculpture garden on 5 acres with spectacular sunset views of Cayuga Lake. Big Bigger Biggest…More to follow. And follow me on Facebook 🙂

About The Art Motel…Vision One

The Art Motel is the home for  my mixed media creations.  The Motel format suits how I display the variety of the art forms I create with. You can visit each of the rooms here at The Art Motel. Come to stay for a while in each room, bring guests, stay for a week or a year. You can swim for free in the pool! I will have other areas for you to visit as the site becomes populated, the Gallery Cafe, the studio where I work, and perhaps even the Silk Cupcake Diner.

The motel, diner and gallery are dream professions but alas I am an artist. This is the work I enjoy most. Join me on my neon, stainless steel acres surrounded by nature. Have your tea out on the veranda. Enjoy the fabulous sunsets. I hope you will visit often.


New Glasses and a few years later 🙂


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Loretta,

    Yes, I remember the idea from long and merry ago. Since it is not there, it must be here. Perhaps a mighty philanthropist will come and make it a reality. One can only hope. In a world of suffering, joy is so necessary. You, my dear, have the most delightful work of all.

    Happy sailing.

    Your ardent fan and friend,


  2. I still have my Art Motel dream (oyster shell grotto with fountain and all!)…and realized the other day…that it was the first real “thing” I wanted to be/do in life as a kid…Own cabins for vacation rentals! The next best thing for now is to write novels about my motel…and then blog about it! But…One of these days…I’m talkin’ “NO VACANCY”


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