Well I Can’t Stop Thinking About The ART MOTEL…

Hello all…I know I have not written anything about The Art Motel in a while but that doesn’t mean it is not alive and well as a dream in my heart. So here’s a call to action for fans…If you know of a piece of land with or without a structure on it, please let me know!

It will be so much fun at the opening month of The Art Motel of The Finger Lakes…Good food, good friends, good music and great ART!

The veil is coming off!

Have a wonderful summer, y’all!

Where Should We Land?

I am trying to publish an update of The Art Motel Journey in the page called…The Art Motel Journey. And so in my post I am asking for ideas from friends, fans, etc. Question…What landscape you do feel best suits The Art Motel of The Finger Lakes? Wooded, Lakeside, Lake View, Other? Please give a brief explanation of why you chose this landscape. Thank you all so much!!!


This is my favorite day of the year. My own personal New Years. The day I look forward and back at what’s to come and what has happened over the past year. The BIG thing this year…I have awakened to my calling. LIFE COACH. Hello  and yes it is me Loretta Louviere …Life Coach. THIS is an exciting adventure. Will post my Shingle when painted and ready.

But for now…Birds are tweeting and I am HOME!

Neighbors Detail2

Where will you be saved little post?

I’m sorry to report that after all these years of blogging I am not sure how to save this post where I want it. That being said (a phrase that I dislike) I want you all to know that I am searching for a piece of property no less than five acres with a view preferably of Cayuga Lake but Seneca Lake is also on my radar. Please let me know if you have any leads.

I also am widening my artist search. Please contact me if you are interested in joining me in my project.

The Biggest Year Just Got Bigger!

Hello world…

This is to say…that my Art Motel slipped out of my hands for a moment and started sliding down hill. I felt myself losing my grip and the slippery sides (the sides made of glass that afford the spectacular views) of my motel started moving toward the hill. This is not good when it happens in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. I mean…the hills are steep. I didn’t really let go of the whole building and all of its outbuildings and wonderfully sculpted gardens. I didn’t completely allow the gorgeous murals to mold or the fabulous wrought iron gate to rust or the whole glorious vision to rumple into a patchwork quilt like bundle at the bottom of a gorge. I just sort of looked away for a bit and acted like it wasn’t a perching dream waiting to be born.

But then something happened. Steve Jobs spoke and ya know what he said? Steve Jobs said, “Do what makes your heart sing!”

And the next morning I woke up with my Art Motel sitting on my pillow next to me saying…”and so Loretta? Where to next?”

I said, “Motel, this is the biggest year yet, still! You are ON and I am “Sittin’ on top of the world.”

So start planning your reservations…because really…this is gonna be HUGE!