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Happy Wonderful 2018


To a new year of wonderment!!!!

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TOUCHSTONES the Workshop

Dear Friends, Fans, Artists, Writers, Story Tellers, all Creatives…

I am inviting you all to join me in this event. Several people have taking the first session and have given me raving “YEAH!” feed back…but I also know from the work that I have done using the ideas and discoveries for myself that this series of workshops is Transforming for my own creativity! Please PM me or email me at for more information and to register. Much LOVE, JOY and HAPPINESS to all of you. Just a reminder….Space is limited…so don’t hesitation to hop on! And lovely people…this is also FUN!

again … PM me or email me at

 — showing love.

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Hello all…Hope you are having a fabulous day and esp. Summer.
Please note that my Touchstone Workshop
for creativity is included in this Post. The best way to contact me is email if I don’t already have your phone# is via email…my email address is


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Where Should We Land?

I am trying to publish an update of The Art Motel Journey in the page called…The Art Motel Journey. And so in my post I am asking for ideas from friends, fans, etc. Question…What landscape you do feel best suits The Art Motel of The Finger Lakes? Wooded, Lakeside, Lake View, Other? Please give a brief explanation of why you chose this landscape. Thank you all so much!!!

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The Biggest Year Just Got Bigger!

Hello world…

This is to say…that my Art Motel slipped out of my hands for a moment and started sliding down hill. I felt myself losing my grip and the slippery sides (the sides made of glass that afford the spectacular views) of my motel started moving toward the hill. This is not good when it happens in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. I mean…the hills are steep. I didn’t really let go of the whole building and all of its outbuildings and wonderfully sculpted gardens. I didn’t completely allow the gorgeous murals to mold or the fabulous wrought iron gate to rust or the whole glorious vision to rumple into a patchwork quilt like bundle at the bottom of a gorge. I just sort of looked away for a bit and acted like it wasn’t a perching dream waiting to be born.

But then something happened. Steve Jobs spoke and ya know what he said? Steve Jobs said, “Do what makes your heart sing!”

And the next morning I woke up with my Art Motel sitting on my pillow next to me saying…”and so Loretta? Where to next?”

I said, “Motel, this is the biggest year yet, still! You are ON and I am “Sittin’ on top of the world.”

So start planning your reservations…because really…this is gonna be HUGE!