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TOUCHSTONES the Workshop

Dear Friends, Fans, Artists, Writers, Story Tellers, all Creatives…

I am inviting you all to join me in this event. Several people have taking the first session and have given me raving “YEAH!” feed back…but I also know from the work that I have done using the ideas and discoveries for myself that this series of workshops is Transforming for my own creativity! Please PM me or email me at for more information and to register. Much LOVE, JOY and HAPPINESS to all of you. Just a reminder….Space is limited…so don’t hesitation to hop on! And lovely people…this is also FUN!

again … PM me or email me at

 — showing love.

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Hello all…Hope you are having a fabulous day and esp. Summer.
Please note that my Touchstone Workshop
for creativity is included in this Post. The best way to contact me is email if I don’t already have your phone# is via email…my email address is


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Where Should We Land?

I am trying to publish an update of The Art Motel Journey in the page called…The Art Motel Journey. And so in my post I am asking for ideas from friends, fans, etc. Question…What landscape you do feel best suits The Art Motel of The Finger Lakes? Wooded, Lakeside, Lake View, Other? Please give a brief explanation of why you chose this landscape. Thank you all so much!!!

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This is my favorite day of the year. My own personal New Years. The day I look forward and back at what’s to come and what has happened over the past year. The BIG thing this year…I have awakened to my calling. LIFE COACH. Hello  and yes it is me Loretta Louviere …Life Coach. THIS is an exciting adventure. Will post my Shingle when painted and ready.

But for now…Birds are tweeting and I am HOME!

Neighbors Detail2

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The First of January 2016

I am always inspired on the first day of the year to begin a new 365 day challenge. This year my challenge is to write about the new thing(s) I learn each and every day. Today I started finding out a more about Auto-immune Diets and how to have a huge impact on the Auto-immune situation in my own body. I had virtually no foods that cause joint inflammation. I’m serious about this situation and there is absolutely no reason not to follow this path. I’m walking where the others have walked and you will hear about my progress.

I also learned that Miami is about 3 1/2 hours north of Key West.

Both of these things give me tons of hope!

Plus…I ate muscles and am so glad that I have not developed a shell fish problem.

These are things I learned. January 1st 2016.

The Biggest a Year Yet!